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Wedding BellsWedding Bells :- Watch Wedding Bells on Youtube on Fire,BN: Everywhere we would go—we went to a conference in Japan one time, we went to San Francisco, my hometown, his hometown—he’d always be picking up rocks. He said, “I’m a rock collector.” But there was nothing about the rocks that were distinct. He kept picking them up, but I never thought anything of it.JM: We were at her home in Washington. I brought her back from her favorite breakfast place. We did Jigsaw puzzles because she loves Jigsaw puzzles.BN: It felt like my birthday, but it was actually the anniversary of the day when I first messaged him on Facebook, July 17.How did you propose: After my flight was canceled, and I was originally on Southwest, I asked someone, “I’m about to propose today—is there anything you can do to get me to Chicago by 5?” I eventually ended up having to get another flight on United, so I had to go out of security, grab my bags, take my bags to the United terminal, and go back through security. I finally got there, though. Her parents and my parents were both in on it, but she obviously had no idea. She goes to school at Loyola University of Chicago, and the campus is right on the lake. We always used to take this walk before

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Release: 4 June 2016
IMDB Rating : 72/100
Director: Gary Yates
Stars :   Danica McKellar, Kavan Smith, Tammy Gillis

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