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Welcome to Me (2014)Welcome to Me :- Watch Welcome to Me on YoutubeonFire, Yeah, it was a very weird, very odd film. Certainly not the same-old, same-old, so in that respect I was so enthralled by it all. I do think maybe the film needed a stronger directorial hand though, maybe someone who could find a more consistent, more tight balance on both the comedy and drama, and the pitch black humor. As it is, it does feel messy because of that… something about the film needed some polishing, I’m just not sure what. Wiig was really good, and actually a lot more impressive here than in The Skeleton Twins. Linda Cardellini was almost MVP, stealing her scenes like a pro. it could be funny and awkward, which is what it went for, but yeah I feel like in the hands of a better director (writer too) it could’ve been something really great. As it is, a solid B

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Release: 2015-05-08
IMDB Rating : 68/100
Comedy, Drama
Director: Shira Piven
Stars : Kristen Wiig, James Marsden, Linda Cardellini

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