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The Welder (2015)The Welder :- Watch The Welder on Youtube on Fire, A warning: “Body” is a gripping whodunit that you should ideally watch knowing as little beforehand as possible. Co-writer/director duo Dan Berk and Robert Olsen have a knack for drawing viewers in and surprising them without taking any narrative, or technical short-cuts. There’s no flashbacks, hyper edits, shaky camerawork, or backstories. For these reasons, “Body” feels downright old-fashioned: a thriller with tension that doesn’t stem from gore, jump scares, or other cheap shock tactics, but rather a creeping dread that grows with each red herring, and slow-burn plot twist. This poses an immediate problem for me, your humble reviewer: how to describe this movie without giving too much away? You should see “Body” if you like thrillers with strong female leads that make you peek between your fingers, and lose your breath gasping at violence (but not grisly violence). It is as close to an across-the-board, qualification-less strong genre movie that you can watch with anyone, be they your mom, your sweetheart, or your pet chinchilla Schnookums. Hi again. Now that those quitters have left, let’s pick up where I left off. “Body” is an exceptional thriller, full stop. The film’s main focus isn’t convoluted plot devices, psychologically complex characters, or exceptionally grisly make-up effects. “Body” won’t change your life, make you cry, teach you a profound truth, or get inside your head and take up residence for days afterward. Instead, it’s about atmosphere, and not the kind threatened by abysmal mud-bright mood lighting, or cheap-jack production values.

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Release: 1 September 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Action, Horror, Thriller
Director: Benjamin Deeth
Stars : Nikita Bennouri, Armand Davis, Benjamin Deeth

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