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Whitney Can I Be Me (2017)Whitney: Can I Be Me :- Watch Whitney: Can I Be Me on Fire on Youtube on Fire, Tells the story of Whitney Houston’s extraordinary life and tragic death. By the time Whitney Elizabeth Houston was 15, she was singing background vocals for Chaka Khan, Lou Rawls, and Jermaine Jackson. In 1983 Whitney signed a worldwide recording contract with Clive Davis’s Arista Records. However her success came with its fair share of drug use, love affairs, and scandals. This ‘special’ has been presented by someone who has been told that that fallen for it. It’s like the chubby girl who has been told by her parents that the peach dress she’s wearing looks great – and then when she wears it outside, still stubbornly believes that it looks great because her mum and dad are right and the rest of the world must be blind or something!This fairly short documentary looks at Whitney’s early years, her rise to fame and the later chaotic times. Her family and those closest to her are shown as both supportive and damaging. Whitney became almost a trademark, a whitened commodity which provided those closest to her with careers and success. It’s a heck of a responsibility on one person’s shoulders. Along with that came the huge intrusion of fame and living one’s life in a goldfish bowl. The drugs and alcohol, i guess, became a way of escaping and switching off from the merry go round of publicity and performance? The documentary shows private and public footage spanning 40yrs of Whitney’s life. A lot is focused on the dynamics between Whitney, her family, Robyn and Bobby. Robyn’s departure from Whitney’s scene was regarded by some as the most damaging loss to Whitney and her well being. Her life spiralled downwards after this with drugs and family arguments. The ex bodyguard had been very aware of the situation and had flagged his concerns to the family. He had hoped that the arrival of their daughter, Bobbi Christina, would focus the couple’s minds on their child’s welfare. It didn’t, they continued to self destruct. I remember when the news broke about Whitney’s drug problems. a lot of blame was placed on Bobby Brown. He was the street and Whitney was a good girl being led astray. The documentary shows this wasn’t the case. Whitney’s image was, like her voice, beautiful and pure. I believe that image of her was damaging. It protected her in ways which enabled her to continue along the self destructive path. Rumours of her drug problems were never taken seriously. If they had, she may have faced a much earlier prod? Perhaps the outcome would’ve been different?

Whitney: Can I Be Me on YoutubeonFire :-
Documentary, Music
Release: 18 August 2017 (USA)
IMDB Rating 6.2/10
Director: Nick Broomfield, Rudi Dolezal
Stars: Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Bobby Brown

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