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Z Nation Season 3 Episode 3Z Nation Season 3 Episode 3 “Murphy’s Miracle” :- Watch Z Nation Season 3 Episode 3 “Murphy’s Miracle” on Youtube on Fire, “Z Nation” continues to reinforce what we’ve known for some time. The living are WAY more dangerous than the dead during a zombie apocalypse. These two episodes hammer the point home as a postman goes postal and a bunch of red handed crazies wreak havoc. Now on to the show… In “Murphy’s Miracle” our blue friend settles on a headquarters for his empire, It’s the Museum of Progress from the 1970-something World’s Fair in Spokane. He plans to start a new race of “blends (half zombie, half human) and take over the world. 10K and Dr Merch are reluctantly assisting (since he bit them). After being hilariously stuck behind the only other car on the road during the ZA, Murphy bites a little girl who is gravely ill– thus saving her life. Up at the Arctic Citizen Z is forced to exercise by Kaya. I LOVE that girl. Nana and Uncle are also fun additions. Kaya encourages Simon to get back on the air. He tries and hears Addy but she cant hear him. After learning Kaya’s family is running out of food, they all travel with Simon back to the Northern Lights base. What’s left of Team Bitemark has their own adventure when they encounter a postman named Wally (or is it Barney?) He seems harmless enough. Becker is reading everyone’s Christmas cards and eating left over fruitcake (yuck!). He also makes Roberta and crew swear they will not “mercy” anyone. How did this guy survive in a town full of zombies that seem especially drawn to him? Hmm… Sun Mei, Doc and Addie head to the motor pool. Sun Mei uses a spiffy solar to DC converter to contact her ship. Instead, she hears a song. Uh oh. It’s the signal that the mission has failed and everyone is dead. Now what will she do? Will she remain with Robert and the others? The group is lured to the basement where the emergency supplies are stored. It turns out Becker’s not the defenseless government employee we thought. Instead he killed all his coworkers and the townspeople right after the ZA began. He has been slaughtering passersby and feeding them to the walkers for some time (and our gang is next). His murder room was truly disgusting. Luckily Sun Mei is able to dispatch him before she becomes the next zombie meal.

Z Nation Season 3 Episode 3 “Murphy’s Miracle” on YoutubeonFire :-
Action, Drama, Horror
Release: 30 September 2016
IMDB Rating: 8.6/10
Director: Alexander Yellen
Stars: Kellita Smith, Nat Zang, Anastasia Baranova

Watch Z Nation Season 3 Episode 3 “Murphy’s Miracle” Full Online on YoutubeOnFire - MovieTube

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